We are TMB COSMETIC, and we are proud to be Canada’s #1 Provider of Emsculpt – The World’s 1st and ONLY Non-Invasive Muscle Building, Body Sculpting Procedure.




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about Trevor Born M.D and the TMB Cosmetic Clinic

Dr. Trevor M. Born is one of North America’s leading practitioners in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. As a vanguard in the cosmetic and beauty industry, Dr. Born has often been at the forefront of new innovations in non-surgical procedures. He was an early adopter of Botox® and injectable fillers, and now, he (and the TMB Cosmetic Clinic) has been chosen as the first provider of Emsculpt® non-invasive muscle contouring and body-sculpting in Canada.


Dr. Born’s meticulous attention to detail, passion for the artistic and technical aspects of cosmetic surgery, and genuine compassion for all patients under his care has made him one of the most sought after cosmetic providers in Toronto, Canada and abroad. He regularly contributes to top media outlets on the subject of beauty and cosmetic procedures, and has been featured in (among others) Vogue, Oprah, Toronto Life and Hello! magazines.  He also regularly appears on the Marilyn Denis Show and eTalk.

Dr. Born holds a BSc from Queen’s University and received his Medical Degree from McMaster. His postgraduate training included an internship at Mt. Sinai Hospital and a residency in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at the University of Toronto where he is now a faculty member. The TMB Cosmetic Surgery practice was founded in Toronto in 1996 and has since expanded to include a practice in New York City on Fifth Avenue. He is currently on staff at Lenox Hill & MEETH Hospital in New York City.

Dr. Born is an active member of several professional associations including:


  • The Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

#thetmbtreatment: comprehensive care of the highest standard

The TMB Cosmetic Clinic prides itself on providing the very best in cosmetic care, for all our patients new and old. We are a boutique practice that offers detail driven service of the highest quality, with the end goal of ensuring you feel AMAZING every time you visit us!


Our facility is cutting edge, designed to meet the highest hospital specifications while also offering elevated style, comfort and exclusivity to our discerning clients. 


Our staff is comprised of certified Emsculpt providers, and as a medically driven practice – we are trained and dedicated to providing only the safest, most sensitive care for patients under our supervision.


As an Emsculpt Patient at TMB Cosmetic, you will receive VIP treatment at every visit, or, as we like to call it, #theTMBtreatment!

the tmb promise

“As a TMB patient, you will always have the undivided attention of myself, and my staff, who are always looking for new and better ways to help you be the BEST, most authentic, most beautiful version of yourself.”


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